Our Mission

Here at SAFELINE pet LLC we are driven by a deep passion for the well-being of our feline friends. Our mission is to empower cat owners with the knowledge and resources to maintain the ultimate level of feline satisfaction and health. We hope to build stronger bonds between humans and cats, creating a world where every cat can thrive.


Is this safe for my cat?

Yes this is safe for cats. It is all natural and a simple formula. our supplements are made with Eggs, a little bit of Sugar, and D-mannose a natural sugar made from cranberries. Thats it. No preservatives No fillers. 100% Natural.

How much sugar is in the product?

There is less than 1 gram of sugar in the entire jar. The sugar is added to protect the proteins in the egg from becoming denatured during the freeze-drying process. The recommended limit for sugar in a cats diet is 3%; so we took an amount that would remain well below that while still being effective. The 1 gram in the month supply remains well below that limit.

What research have you done to formulate the supplements?

You can find all of our sources Here.

What does your manufacturing process look like?

Currently, everything is made out of one of the co-owners houses right here in the USA. we have experience in the food industry and follow all CGMP guidelines. including but not limited to, sanitizing all utensils before and after use, using stainless steel where applicable, wearing gloves, and doing everything we can to minimize cross contamination.

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