co-owners Matthew (left) and Seth (Right

Our Story 

SaFeline pet LLC was founded in 2023 by two friends who had the simple goal of “Giving more cats homes”. Suffering from cat allergens made it difficult for us to enjoy the company of our own and loved ones' furry friends. So we decided to start a business that prioritizes the health of your cat while simultaneously reducing allergens in cat owners—all at an affordable price. At SaFeline, we are striving to create a formula that puts your cat's health first. We aim to deliver a cost-efficient product that both cats and cat owners feel comfortable using everyday.  


At SAFELINE we partner with a local southwest Virginia farm that's been in business for nearly 70 years. It was hard to find a farm that had the potential to facilitate the production of the key protein we were looking for; But eventually we came across the Hale family farm. The farm we work with has over 20 cats that live in the chicken coop with the chickens all day. We are NOT scientists but it took a lot of figuring out to find out the best way to make the product A. healthy for your cat, B. effective, and C. cost efficient. 

Meet OJ!

The cat who started it all! My family and I have had cats my whole life. Although, our family cats have always chose to cling to other members of my family. That was until i met OJOrange Julius Co-Founder Seth Kellar's Cat
(short for Orange Julius) he was a big, fat, orange tabby cat.
He never left my side, but sometimes I wished he would,
especially during shedding season. Sadly
in the chaos of 2022 thanksgiving OJ slipped out the back door, as he often liked to, but this time he never came back.
Fast-forward to now; We chose to create a brand that would empower and educate cat owners on how to give their cats and themselves more comfortable lives.  


Meet Mittens!

Mittens has been my inspiration for the brand that is SaFeline Pet LLC. Mittens caught my attention the moment I laid my eyes on her. Mittens is a Tuxedo cat who got her name from having three white paws. Growing up with a short hair cat allergy made it difficult to show affection to these furry friends. Although, that never prevented me from showing her love. 

When starting this brand, Seth and I wanted to create not only a product, but a movement that provides more cats homes. At SaFeline Pet LLC we strive to curate a brand that gives people like us the ability to comfortably cohabitate with cats, which in turn opens the door to more furry friends.                                                                    


Beautiful black cat posing behind sign that reads "time spent with cats is never wasted"

Our Process

In order to make the product work to the best of its ability it is essential to preserve the activity of certain proteins in the egg while denaturing others. This is achieved through the addition of a carefully formulated blend of sugars. We understand your concerns about sugar and its impact on your cat's health. Therefore, we have developed a proprietary sugar blend that is specifically designed to promote the overall well-being of your furred loved ones and effectiveness of the product. Importantly, our unique sugar blend also facilitates the cleansing of your cat's urinary tract all without adversely affecting the glucose levels of your cats, making it safe even for the diabetic kitties. It effectively safeguards the beneficial proteins while effectively neutralizing the detrimental ones. 

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